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I am a Dad, A Technician, A Green Painter and sort of consider myself a Life Coach. But most of all, I still follow my Dreams and Ambitions with a passion.

So many guys come into my company and within a matter of months, they are competent Rope Access Technicians with amazing new Building Maintenance Skills. It really is a buzz to see how much a person can change and become very able when you just give them a little help and guidance.

I found in life that through my interests in certain fields I was able to become what I later termed an "Accidental Champion". From captaining undefeated hockey teams in under tens and twelve, to becoming the local A Grade Motocross Champion, moving on to competing in full contact kick boxing, undefeated, and then to became as a late starter, the State Professional Welterweight Boxing Champion.

These among other great successes and personal adventures have led me to where I am today, helping many around me to achieve their own dreams and ambitions in life.

Over the past decade, I have become one of the top technicians in my field as an Advanced Rigger and Rope Access Supervisor. Being the master mind behind so many "seemingly impossible" tasks such as painting a 200 Foot flag pole in the middle of Sydney's daring harbour and literally hundreds of high access projects across Sydney and the surrounding areas. In 2010 I lead my team of technicians to be awarded the Best Difficult Access Project for 2010 by the Master Painters Association.

I have many people to thank that have provided very valuable training along the way and exceptional technicians that have helped me through so many tough and almost "impossible" projects. You will read about them in the various articles that I write.

"It's great to have new and young people come into the company. To see them become confident and powerful technicians in their own right. Very often moving on to bigger and better adventures or even starting out on their own."

I invite you to read more about my company and even join my News Letter.


"I am also a very dedicated parishioner at my church and love the activities that we are involved in locally and globally as a group. This video says it all."

I have found my niche in life delivering the Dreams and Ambitions Rundown to people of all ages. "Seeing one realize their purposes in life and to have their dreams and ambitions revitalised is something that you just can't place a value to. This is priceless."

I now have attention on delivering this program to as many people as possible. I see it like this "When we have a generation of people that have a future and know with certainty what they are able to achieve, then we have a rehabilitated culture. This is the future planet that I wish to be a part of."

You can read more about the Dreams and Ambitions Rundown at www.dreamsandambitions.com.au. Or just go to the Contact Page and give me the message that you would like to know more.

Don't limit your life's potential for a second longer.

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I will also assist you in what ever way I can to build your own Power in life. Every man deserves to have his kingdom and to rule his kingdom as he chooses. Be it the success of a job or a business venture, or the respect from piers alike. There is no limit to the influence that you can have on life other than those that you choose to impose on yourself.

Use your time in the members area to as much benefit as you choose. You are welcome to come and go as you please. There will never be a fee for such and as I have experienced so far, the more that I help those around me, the more successful I become and the more support I receive from new friends that I never would have imagined to be a part of my life.

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