Hi there! My name is Mike King and this is my web site.

This You may have either stumbled across this site or may have been reffered by myself or an associate. Either way, I have my story and I have plenty to share. I hope that you enjoy my journey and maybe take some of the tools and lessons that I had found successful and use it to your own profit.

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I was inspired to publish my story by my wife Maureen. She pointed out to me how many technicians have come through my company and then gone on to bigger and better things. Many others still associated and working with me or within my company.

I have had my ups and downs in life. Fortunately, due to one lucky association in 1997, I was handed a book called Dianetics. At that moment my life changed forever and I followed its path to Scientology and the works of Mr L Ron Hubbard.

I have always believed deeply in the path of following my dreams and ambitions. This is not a selfish path for along this road I have met so many life minded friends and associated for life. Now, this is the love of my life. To assist others in achieving their Dreams and Ambitions. For with the powerful tools of Scientology, a man can achieve anything be sets his mind to.

So sit back, kick back and enjoy my story.

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Members area

My members area is exclusive to social beings. I will forward to you all and any of the tools that I have at hand and that have worked for me.

I will also assist you in what ever way I can to build your own Power in your life. Every man deserve to have his kingdom and to rule his kingdom as he chooses. Be it the success of a job or a business venture, or the respect from piers alike. There is no limit to the influence that you can have on life other than those that you choose to impose on yourself.

You your time in the members area to as much benefit as you choose. You are welcome to come and go as you please. There will never be a fee for such and as I have experienced so far, the more that I help those around me, the more successful I become and the more support I receive from areas that I never would have thought of.

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